Musical Metropolis CD

A CD accompanies Musical Metropolis, consisting of original recordings from the era. As a sampling, I’ve included a few links below to recordings available on YouTube or Internet Archive.

1. Rosa and Luisa Villa, “La Serenata” (1904)

2. Zoellner Quartet, Medley: “Dixie” and “Swanee River” (1915)

3. Kid Ory’s Sunshine Orchestra, “Ory’s Creole Trombone” (1922)

4. Margaret Messer Morris and Charles Wakefield Cadman, “At Dawning” (1922)

5. Charles Wakefield Cadman, piano solo, “Land of the Sky Blue Water” (1926)

6. Olga Steeb, Edward MacDowell’s “Rigaudon, Op. 48/s” (1922)

7. Olga Steeb, Frederic Chopin’s “Mazurka in B-flat, Op. 7” (1923)

8. Grauman’s Symphony Orchestra, cond. by Ulderico Marcelli, Erno Rapée’s “Echoes From the Iron Horse” (1925)

9. Aimée Semple McPherson, “I Ain’t Gonna Grieve” (1926)

10. Don Clark Orchestra, with Bing Crosby and Al Rinker, “I’ve Got the Girl” (1926)

11. Los Angeles Philharmonic, cond. by Eugene Goossens, Antonin Dvorak’s “Carnival Overture” (1928)

12. Percussion Ensemble, cond. by Nicolas Slonimsky, Edgard Varèse’s “Ionisation” (1933)

13. RKO Studio Orchestra, cond. by Max Steiner, Vincent Youmans’s “Carioca” from Flying Down to Rio (1933)

14. Lawrence Tibbett, Elinor Remick Warren’s “Sweetgrass Range” (1935)

15. Johnny Green and male quartet, George Gershwin’s “Bidin’ My Time” (1937)

16. Arnold Schoenberg, Gershwin eulogy, Gershwin Memorial Broadcast (1937)

17. Bob Crosby and His Orchestra, “Panama” (1937)

18. WPA Los Angeles Federal Symphony, with Colored Chorus, cond. by William Grant Still, excerpts from “Lenox Avenue” (1938)

19. José Arias Troubadours, “El capotin” (1949)

20. José Arias Troubadours, “Cielito lindo” (1949)

Produced by Cambria Master Recordings


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